Broderick and Bryte Neighborhood Association.

It is our job to uplift and inspire our at potential high promise youth. The Broderick & Bryte Neighborhood Association is fighting to keep our community together. 

Important Updates

West Sacramento City Council voted to split a historic community of interest, Broderick & Bryte in half. 


We are a community that is considering a food desert by the USDA, marginalized and over criminalized with gang injunctions and heavy handed district attorneys. 

What We Have to Do

It is time that we turn the tide on these false leaders and represent our youth and future generations properly. KEEP BRODERICK & BRYTE TOGETHER!.

Broderick and Bryte Neighborhood Association

The goal of this neighborhood association is to make sure Broderick and Bryte are kept as one community in city district maps so we can have a united voice in bringing investments and programs to our neighborhood.

Please sign up if you’d like to receive updates on what we are doing to keep our strong community united and make sure we are represented in city decision-making.

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